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Louisiana Mental Health Association

As the Mental Health Affiliate for Louisiana, LAMHA has partnered with Louisiana Healthcare Connections and the Office of Behavioral Health to offer free clinical trainings to Peer Support Specialists, Mental Health Rehabilitation (MHR) and other providers.
  • Define anger, aggression and de-escalation
  • Identify four behavior levels
  • Anxiety
  • Defensive
  • Acting-Out
  • Tension Reduction
  • Identify potential responses and support to address behavior levels.
  • Identify the difference between effective and ineffective communication.
  • Identify at least three types of language styles.
  • Review consequences of ineffective communication.
  • Identify techniques and language styles to help improve communication.
  • Skills based model of interactive speaking.
  • Techniques that demonstrates respect and acknowledgement with the aim to build rapport.
  • Discuss OARS Model:
    • Open Ended Questions
    • Affirmations
    • Reflective Statements
    • Summarizing
  • Brief overview of Anxiety and PTSDĀ 
  • Identify symptoms of Anxiety and PTSD
  • Focus on signs of compassion fatigue, burnout and secondary trauma.
  • Discuss self-care strategies to stay mentally healthy during a high stressful time.
  • Differentiate between compassion fatigue, burnout, and secondary trauma (conditions that reduce professional quality of life).
  • List several prevention and self-care strategies to improve professional quality of life.


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